Groundwater Protection Program

Just like our rivers, our groundwater must be protected. The Cities of Portland, Gresham and Fairview have implemented a groundwater protection program to protect the Columbia South Shore Well Field – a drinking water source for over 800,000 Oregonians.

The goal of the groundwater protection program is to prevent chemical spills that could seep into the ground and pollute our drinking water. Businesses within the wellhead protection area boundary are subject to regulation if they use certain types and quantities of chemicals. Regulations focus on spill containment, prevention and best management practices. Pollution prevention is a cost-effective way to protect our groundwater resource and requires the cooperation of everyone living and working in the protection area.

Resources for Businesses:

Quick Guide to Submitting your Annual Report Online

The Wellhead Protection Area Reference Manual

The Columbia South Shore Well Field – Well Head Protection Area Map

Training Requirements

Portland Water Bureau’s Groundwater Protection Program website

City of Gresham Well Field Protection Program

Oregon State University SDS Searchable Database

EPA List of Lists